The Kingdom of Isteroth

The Kingdom of Isteroth

Ruler Title – Warlord Drakkar

Ruled Cities

Government – Totalitarian

Soldiers – 15000+

Conscriptables – 10000+

Isteroth is a nation of fierce warriors, most of the lands around Isteroth have been tamed by the mighty warrior nation. They hold a deep hate of the Eledrin people, its saud the Eledrin when they first came through the portal thought the Isterothian people were nothing more than barbarians and laid siege to Vessin through the portal. During this siege the Eledrin stole an artifact that neither faction will name, however the Isterothian people have vowed never to stop the bloodshed until the artifact is returned.

Isteroth is not as wealthy as Erenon but what they lack in gold they more than make up for in ferocity.

The Kingdom of Isteroth

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