Alignment: Good
Size: Medium
Deity: Moradin



Racial Traits

Dwarven Weapon Proficiency: Proficient with hammers. Cast-Iron Stomach: +5 bonus to saving throws against poison. Encumbered Speed: Armor or heavy load doesn’t reduce your speed. (Other effects still can.) Dwarven Resilience: You have the dwarven resilience power Stand Your Ground: Can move 1 less when forced to move. Immediate saving throw to avoid being knocked prone. Dungeoneering Bonus Endurance Bonus Shield Proficiency: Gain proficiency with the light shield

Class Features

Treasure Hunter Starting Feature: Gain the treasure sense power Channel Divinity Powers: Gain the smite undead power plus a channel divinity power associated with your domain. May use 1/encounter. Domain Features: Gain domain benefits: special features, 2 at-will attack powers, 1 utility power, and 1 encounter attack power. Healing Word: Use healing word as an encounter (special) power; minor action. Level 1 Warpriest Daily Power: Gain one daily power Channel Divinity (Earth): Gain the Stone’s Resolve power. Earth Domain Features and Powers: You and allies in 5sq. gain +2 to saves vs. ongoing damage. Healing Word causes target to take half damage from next hit before your next turn ends. Gain 4 Earth Domain powers.


Harbinger of Rebirth: Gain +2 to Heal, plus allies within 5 squares gain +5 feat bonus to death saving throws

Dwarf – Outcast

1 Chainmail
1 Mace
1 Heavy Shield

Carried Items
1 Adventurer’s Kit
1 Crossbow
1 Crossbow Bolts

Coins and Other Wealth
Carried Money: 4 gp
Stored Money:

Total Weight (lbs.): 100

Carrying Capacity (lbs.)
Normal: 120
Heavy: 240
Max: 600


Grubnum has been a Priest of Moradin for many years now however, he lacks any ability in making the holy water of Moradin. The temple of Moradin has sent Grubnum out to explore the world and find rare ingredients to craft a great holy water recipe before he can progress to a higher status in the temple.


Explorers of the Infinite Uthman