Explorers of the Infinite

The First Day

What I need to know…

  • Character Details (Name,race,gender,age..etc)
  • Character fluff (Background, it doesn’t have to be novel just a simple start. It can be however)
  • An item wishlist should you know what you want.
  • I would like to know if anyone is interested in being the story tracker for the party, also need a loot tracker. I can take care of this its no big deal however if someone thinks that whey would enjoy being the “bard” for the party please let me know.
  • If anyone would like to have some secret stuff in their history they do not want to party to know that is also acceptable just e-mail me joshualcollins@gmail.com

What you need to know…

  • Evil is not a choice for alignment, you are more than welcome to roleplay a jerk however the story is for heros, we kill villians.
  • You will be starting the adventure in Veir, you do not have to come from Veir. It is a trade port, work why you are there into your story.
  • We are using Dungeon and Dragons 4E Essentials rules.
  • If you have any questions I am a pretty experienced DM so just throw me an e-mail or catch me on steam or vent.



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