Explorers of the Infinite

Prey for Smiling Bob


Day one for our brave adventures started with a formal invitation to join the Explorers of the Infinite. Before they were awarded a full member rank of Explorer of Valcia they had to prove that could follow a command and complete an objective assigned to them by the guild. Given the choice of explore ruins or saving a halfling village our intrepid heroes opted to protect the citizens of Cannesh a village of halflings. The leader of the Explorers offered them food and horses for their journey 15 miles to the north-west of Veir.

Upon their arrive in Cannesh the halflings gathered around them and all got a look at the mighty Explorers of the Infinite. A halfling named Walian became the spokes person for the people of Cannesh. They were quick to offer 100g as a reward to get rid of a bear that has been taking their people off to an old windmill presumably to eat! Bashanu thought the halflings could offer a bit more and so he persuded Vorrin to ask for more money. Settling on 150g and a guide to the old windmill.

The heros set off to the old windmill, it was no more than a miles journey. When they reached the windmill they say to their surprise 6 goblins playing a game of throw the rock at each other…So they waited until the right moment and ambushed the goblins 3 goblins were dispatched before they had any chance to organize. A fire-bolt from Xevvik rained in as Adelia and Vorrin valiantly charged into battle cutting down 2 more goblins. The goblins took a few shots with their short bows while attempting to flee and were dispatched by Grubnum and Bashanu as they fled. The last of the goblins was knocked unconscious by Vorrin in order to show the halfling people there was nothing to fear from the goblins.Vorrin offered the gear the goblins wore to the halfling people, Walian accepted these gracious gifts and ran off to form a militia with the new gear for his people.

Now the time had come to face the mighty bear Smiling Bob! Who was named so for a scar on his face that looked of a grizzly smile. The adventure allowed Adelia to sneak open the door, and in true dwarf fashion she slammed the door open with a metal bash from her hammer. The goblins knew they were here now… The mighty Smiling Bob was in the windmill, fast asleep. The goblins attempted to wake the bear in vain. The adventures dispatched the goblins as quick as the last. Using the unconscious goblin as food they fed Smiling Bob and got him to run away from the wind mill and find a new den.

They group climbed the stairs to the second floor of the windmill and found a halfing tied up, shaking in fear. The heros untied the halfing female and found out her name was Punkin. She was more than happy to tell the adventures about the loot stash and the name of the goblin leader, Tarpoo. Punkin also informed the group that Tarpoo would be back any minute now with fish to make his famous halfling and fish stew. The party decided to wait in ambush for the goblin.

The goblins arrived and upon reaching the second floor were quickly slain, goblins never stood a chance. The heros captured Tarpoo and brought him to the halfling village as a sign of good will, and to show the halfling people how to deal with their own problems. The halflings opted to eat him…gross. The heros received the proper documents from Walian to show the Explorers they had indeed completed the mission.

Upon returning to Veir and the Little Oak Inn the party was granted official ranks in the Explorers of the Infinite, they were now Explorers of Valcia. Given a tip on the location of a den of Hobgoblin raiders the heros rested up and prepared to set out to the Ruins of Ra’zal.



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