Explorers of the Infinite

Day 2 "The Ruins of Ra'zal"

Vorinn Frostspear is a bit of an imposter cause his weapon is neither frosty nor is it a spear.

Defeated goblin lord. Leveled up. Successfully scared off remaining goblins.

Found a human being encased inside of a crystal and began melting the crystal.

After waking the wizard up, he told us he was a devotee of Ioun that was preserved in stasis until he was permitted by Ioun to continue his research. He told us all the knowledge in library is too much for us now.

The wizard instructed us to go to Illiander and speak to a cleric called Parmel leader of the Paragon Compact. I must ask about the destruction of the abyssal gate.

Ruins of Ra’zal. Small white flower w/ pink and glitter. Need to bring it back.

“Borrowed” Books from the wizards library on Dragons, specifically breeds of dragons, The Elemental Chaos, Beer Alchemy, Hortaculture and Herbalism, and two books on Craftsmen of Velicia.



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